Papilio Kafka

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I would rather suggest reading this book with the
sheepish curiosity of first masturbation. We should
go cover ourselves up in a thick blanket, get a copy
of the book ready, switch on our pen-torch, read each line
written and go to sleep in the darkness (may be one poem
per day would do the dose). Next day when we wake up
into action, most probably we will be silent but rigid in
locomotion. Poetry is all about how one hosts oneself in
the destroying room of madness, or at least when we finish
reading “Papilio kafka ; notes from the continent of blue” it
makes us feel such. Madness is always a central benevolent
altar to begin with, but proceeding one finds how violent,
uncompromising, and provoking does its in articulation
flare into us.

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1 review for Papilio Kafka

  1. Abhima

    Appreciable work.
    Specially the covering!

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