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Publishing a book is like crafting a world for the future. We love each tiny step in the process of its creation; from reading the draft to printing the final copy!
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Paperlodge endeavour to be the hallmark for the finest form of literature in both fiction and non-fiction. Our mission is to deliver an exquisite and intriguing reading experience for book lovers. We have five in-house editors who will carefully go through your submissions; we also have three external readers with an eclectic taste in books. If any of the three accept the submission, you will receive a call from us.

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Winter 21/22

Paperlodge has scheduled to publish the debut anthology of poetry in February 2022. We welcome Poems/Artists from diverse spheres of the world to contribute.

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(we value your creativity; we are sorry about not paying you back. We assure your author’s copy!)
Forget about a theme or character count.

To submit a poem for consideration in our upcoming issue, fill up the form or e-mail us at with the subject line, winter submission.

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We understand the wide spectrum of challenges faced by a writer in publishing his creation. We provide top-notch expertise from stem to stern to ink your imaginations.

Pan India Distribution & Global Shipping

We offer secure and reliable delivery of the published products throughout the globe within the stipulated time.

Premier in Designing, Printing & Marketing

You can never judge a book by its cover, but it will surely sell more copies if it has a good one. Creativity is our capital.

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